What Does a Gas Boiler Service Include?

If you live with a gas boiler in your home or workplace, as most of us do, you ought to be well aware that to keep working efficiently and safely it needs a regular – preferably annual – service.

When our Boost Plumbing boiler engineer calls to carry out that all-important gas boiler service it’s good to know – for your peace of mind and to be sure you’re getting value for the money you’re paying – what exactly he or she is going to do to keep that vital appliance in tip-top condition, providing you with heat and hot water.

Information about Gas Boiler Services

Before we discuss what’s included in a gas boiler service, there are some general points you should be aware of pertaining to having your boiler serviced:

  • There’s no legal requirement to have your boiler serviced – unless you’re a landlord with a tenanted property when you’re liable to have at least an annual gas safety check. (See our Gas Safety Regulations for Landlords).
  • A regular gas boiler service is highly advisable because it not only ensures the boiler is working at optimum fuel efficiency but also safely. A service can bring to light potential or existing faults which could compromise the safety of the building’s occupants, such as with carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Gas boiler services must be carried out by accredited engineers that are on the Gas Safe Register.
  • The fee for a Gas boiler service does not include the cost of any boiler repairs that may be found to be necessary during the service. If your engineer flags up any necessary repairs these will have to be dealt with separately and perhaps necessitate a separate visit. You’ll have to pay for labour costs and any parts required for boiler repairs.
  • If your boiler is under warranty the warranty will be invalid if you don’t have the appliance properly maintained and regularly serviced. Boiler servicing may also be mandatory as part of your general household insurance policy.

What does a Gas Boiler Service Involve?

Most reputable gas boiler service providers – like Boost Plumbing – offer a high-quality service with a standardised format, based on the Heating & Hotwater Industry Council’s best practice guidelines for gas boiler servicing.

We’ve summed up the essence of what the gas engineer will check and do during the scheduled boiler service:

  • Switch the boiler on and off to check it, and the central heating, is working properly, and that it has the correct fuse rating as specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Inspect the boiler internally and externally, removing the case and visually checking for problems like corrosion or water leaks.
  • Clean the boiler and lubricate its moving parts if necessary.
    Test the combustion points.
  • Check the effectiveness of any seals.
  • Check the pressure and temperature settings.
  • Make sure the boiler is properly vented and that the flue is working as it should, including a flue gas analysis test to measure the boiler’s fuel efficiency.
  • Check all the safety devices and make sure no part of the boiler or its connecting pipework is leaking gas.
  • Check the radiators for signs of corrosion or air pockets, and if there is a hot water storage cylinder, check it for leaks and faulty insulation.

What you Can Expect on the Completion of a Gas Boiler Service

A thorough and proper gas boiler service should take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. After the service the engineer will put a sticker on the boiler indicating the date when the next service is due.

If you request a service report you’ll get a written summary of what the engineer found during his inspection. Landlords and tenants will get a Gas Safety Certificate.

The engineer will explain to you any problems he/she may have identified, and recommend appropriate repairs or, if things are really bad, a boiler replacement. It’s then up to you to act on this advice – you can ask for a quote for the remedial work, and book it straight away.

It’s really easy to book a boiler service in Bristol or Bath. Just contact Boost Plumbing, the family firm who have been servicing boilers across the BS and BA postcode districts since 2011. We provide boiler services for all types and makes of gas boilers in locations like Bath, Bitton, Bishopsworth, Brislington, Cotham, Downend, Easton and many more areas.

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