What To Do If Your Boiler Breaks Down

What To Do If Your Boiler Breaks Down

Boilers are responsible in keeping your family warm by heating your home and water supply. As such, it would be really frustrating if in the middle of winter your boiler unexpectedly breaks down. If this happens, do not attempt to fix it yourself as it could cause serious damage and cancel your insurance policy. Instead, here are some things that you can do.

Contact people who can help you

Your insurance company

If your boiler encounters an issue, check if your home insurance covers the cost of the repair. Call your insurance company immediately to assist you in finding an engineer or technician who will fix your boiler.

The manufacturer

If your heating system has been recently installed, it may still be covered by a warranty. Contact the manufacturer or the company who installed your boiler to ask for necessary support.

Your landlord

If you are just renting the house, inform your landlord about the problems of the boiler. Your landlord may have a preferred technician and if you’re lucky, he may also take the responsibility of paying for the repairs.

A professional

Get in touch with a gas safe-registered engineer. Take note that boiler issues may vary so you must detail your concerns to help resolve the problem.

Use an alternative heater in the meantime

Use portable electric heaters while you wait for your boiler to be fixed. If you do not have any, try to borrow from a friend or consider buying a new one. Having a portable heater will come in handy in case your boiler breaks down again in the future.

Keep yourself warm

It may take a while before your boiler gets up and running again so make sure you keep warm. Stock up on heating essentials like blankets and heat packs. Wear layers of clothes and eat warm food to retain body heat. To prevent cold air from coming into your home, you may also consider draught proofing by taping your windows shut or blocking the gaps at the bottom of your door.

Get regular boiler check-ups

To avoid future boiler breakdowns, it is ideal to contact your trusted company for regular maintenance. Having your boiler serviced regularly can help maintain optimum operating efficiency and safety. 

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