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Will my Shower work with my new boiler?

One of the most common jobs we carry out is a back boiler conversion to a combi boiler. By changing from a back boiler to a combi boiler, hot water is switched from being open-vented to pressurised.

Some showers are designed to work with an open-vented gravity-fed hot water system, although when they are connected to the new combi boiler, the new increased water pressure can be too much and cause a leak. A lot of pre-installed showers can handle the pressure and no interference is needed. However, if there is a shower leak due to the water pressure, we can install pressure-reducing valves. Another option would be to replace your shower with a modern model that can handle the full pressure of a combi boiler.

Can I fit a power shower? with a combi boiler

Power showers are great in areas with naturally low water pressure, where the user is receiving lacklustre showers. Power showers work by combining water from hot and cold water supplies. Power showers are also built with an in-pump feature to give the water pressure the essential boost it needs. However, if you wanted to install a power shower with a combi boiler, the two are not compatible. With the additional pump and pressure from a combi-boiler, a power shower will not be able to cope and will cause leaking and other issues.

How to increase water pressure with a combi boiler

If you live in an area with naturally low water pressure, it can be increasingly frustrating to have adequate showers, particularly when multiple taps are being used around the home. A combi boiler can only do so much lifting.

One of the better options is to opt for an electric shower unit. Electric showers are combi boiler compatible and give more consistency in water pressure and are reliable. The water used is heated from a component in the unit and the pressure is dependent on the size/ kW rating of the shower unit.

Can you fit a shower pump to a combi boiler

As stated previously, an element such as a shower pump is not compatible with combi boilers due to the water source. This means that not only is it a waste of money and time to try and install a pump to a combi boiler, but it will also do more damage to your system than good.

What showers can I use with a combi boiler?

Some people’s existing shower model may not be compatible with a combi boiler and will experience difficulties such as leaking. In the majority of homes, there are three types of shower systems; electric, mixer (thermostatic & Manual), and power showers. Electric showers heat the mains water using an element independent from the boiler. They are also compatible with combi boilers, yet are expensive to install and run. Mixer showers are also combi boiler compatible as they take the water from the mains from both hot and cold supplies and mix them accordingly.

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