Case Study

System Specification

In 2016, Ms. Watson, the homeowner decided to upgrade the heating and hot water system in her property. The upgrade involved the removal of an ‘A’ rated 30kW combi boiler, with the aim to ultimately increase the efficiency of the system, whilst also minimising monthly outgoings.

After some research Ms. Watson, selected the newly launched ecoTEC exclusive along with a Vaillant vSMART™.

The ecoTEC exclusive offers outstanding eco-credentials which optimise running cycles, resulting in even lower gas consumption.

The property is 98m2, with one shower and bath, so after a short assessment it was felt that a 35kW output boiler was more than sufficient for the homeowner’s circumstances and requirements.

In order to further maximise the efficiency of the system the Ms. Watson opted for a vSMART™, which is weather compensating. Also this is an extremely busy household, with all members of the property being in and out of the house at various times, therefore it was felt that the vSMART™ was ideal as heating and hot water can be managed anytime, anywhere from the vSMART™ app.


This project has been hugely successful, as the property is now fully equipped with a cost effective heating and hot water system. The monthly bills for this property since the install have reduced from £119 per month, to £70 per month, offering a yearly fuel saving of £588.

“I decided to upgrade my system to a company with proven technology that was simple to use, Vaillant were the obvious choice. I am absolutely delighted with my ecoTEC exclusive boiler with green iQ technology, and am genuinely astounded with the money savings I am seeing”.

Ms. L. Watson, Homeowner

Technology Featured

ecoTEC exclusive with Green iQ

The ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ is our first ever boiler with the Green iQ technology. Combining our complete range of smart technologies and features, you can be sure you’re fitting the very best when you fit new ecoTEC exclusive.

  • Boiler Plus compliant out of the box
    Integrated flue gas heat recovery using extra condense heat exchanger to deliver market leading efficiency
  • Green iQ mode
    Outstanding eco-credentials, which optimise running cycles, plus the ecoTEC exclusive is 85% recyclable at the end of its life
  • Premium quality components
    Including brass diverter valve, ensuring highest reliability and performance
  • Wide modulation range of up to 1:10
    Adapts perfectly to all systems in every situation, ensuring lowest fuel bills
  • Extra Condense stainless steel heat exchanger
    Taking overall combi boiler efficiency to the next level, and almost eliminating plume in DHW mode
  • High power, 43kW output model available
    Delivers Vaillant’s highest ever flow rate of 17.8 l/min
  • All-gas system
    As a self-adaptive system, it automatically adjusts to all types of gas including LPG for off-gas areas

vSMART™ means you’re in control wherever you are

It’s our smartest ever control and it works with all the current range of Vaillant boilers to give you anytime, anywhere control of your heating and hot water through an easy-to-use app.

  • Reduce your energy bills
    The intelligent control means your boiler runs as efficiently as possible, using the minimum energy required to heat your home
  • Comfort and control wherever you are
    The vSMART™ app makes it easy for you to control heating and hot water anytime, anywhere
  • Intelligent learning from your home
    As soon as vSMART™ is installed, it starts to understand your home’s heating needs and makes your boiler work smarter to minimise energy bills
  • Access from any device
    Whether your smartphone is Apple or Android, you can download the free vSMART™ app
  • Connect to your smart home technology
    vSMART™ works with Amazon Echo and app technology like IFTTT (If This, Then That)
  • Change with the season
    vSMART™ monitors your local weather conditions and adjusts the boiler to provide just the right temperature in your home
  • Control multiple boilers from one app
    Whether you have a holiday home or you just want to look after your parents heating, vSMART™ means you can control the heating and hot water for other homes through the app