Case Study

Space Saving Boiler

This customer required a large amount of hot water but didn’t want to take up valuable space in the home. Boost Plumbing managed to install all the necessary products to meet their demands in a very compact space allowing room for a walk in shower to be added to the renovation of their house.

It’s important to note when installing boilers and/or cylanders in confined spaces that there is also enough space to service all parts of the system. There is nothing worse for a repair engineer than arriving at a job only to find they have to remove other elements of the system before they can access the faulty part.

Boost Plumbing also installed two bathrooms at this property. The main bathroom was installed with a huge rainfall shower head which required a high volume of hot water. The pressurised hot water cylinder delivered a steady 21 litres per minute of hot water at 65 degrees, plenty for three showers.