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Investing in regular servicing of your boiler in Bristol saves you money in the long run. All boiler manufacturers recommend an annual boiler service by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Boiler services are best carried out in summer or autumn, before the onset of cold weather, to ensure your boiler is happy and healthy for the winter.

When our engineers service your boiler in Bristol we will be able to identify any issues or potential faults before these turn into expensive repairs or even boiler replacement.

A faulty boiler does not work fuel efficiently, which means your energy bills will be higher than they would be if your boiler is well maintained and regularly serviced. A dirty, malfunctioning boiler is also unsafe.

Based in Kingswood, Bristol, our Gas Safe Registered engineers expertly service boilers all across the city of Bristol, and the surrounding BS postcode areas. Call us for boiler services in Easton and St George, Brislington and Knowle, Bedminster, Ashton Gate, Southville and Totterdown, and out as far as Keynsham, Saltford and Bradley Stoke.


A cost-effective Bristol boiler service takes around 30 to 45 minutes to complete – time well spent to keep you warm and safe all winter long.

If your boiler hasn’t been serviced for more than a year, we recommend you have it checked, serviced and any problems repaired by our Bristol boiler engineers as soon as possible.

The signs and symptoms of a faulty boiler include:

  • A flickering, irregular pilot flame
  • Yellow pilot flame rather than blue
  • Smoke or black stains on the appliance casing
  • A drop in pressure
  • Unusual and persistent noises during the operation
  • The hot water supply reduces and becomes intermittent
  • Leaks from pipes or the external overflow pipe

Having your boiler serviced regularly every year will keep it in optimal working order and prolong its life.

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Our Gas Safe Registered Bristol boiler engineers carry out thorough tests and checks on your boiler during a boiler service.

We’ll visually inspect the boiler, cleaning and adjusting any components that need it, looking carefully for any visible signs of damage or distress in the boiler’s operation.

We test the boiler controls and safety devices to make sure they are all functioning correctly. One of the most important checks is to ensure the flue pipe to the outside is free of obstructions and properly fitted.

During the service, the main components of the boiler like the main burner and heat exchanger will be removed, inspected and cleaned. Everything is scrutinised, from the seals, gas flow, pressure, and electrical wiring to ventilation and safety devices.

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