Investing in regular servicing of your boiler in Bristol or Bath saves you money in the long run. All boiler manufacturers recommend an annual boiler service by a gas safe registered engineer (its best done in summer or autumn before the onset of the cold weather) to keep your boiler running efficiently and safely.

During a boiler service we will be able to pick up on any issues and potential faults these become major expensive repairs, and prevent boiler breakdown during the winter.

A faulty boiler does not work fuel efficiently, which means your energy bills are higher than they need to be if your boiler is happy, healthy and well maintained. There’s also the risk of a malfunctioning boiler leaking poisonous carbon monoxide gas which you can neither taste or smell.


We offer full annual boiler services in Bristol, Bath, Keynsham, Saltford and the surrounding area. A service takes around 30 to 45 minutes to complete – time well spent to keep you warm and safe all winter long.

If your boiler hasn’t been serviced for more than a year, we recommend you check for the danger signs that suggest you should have your boiler checked as soon as possible:

  • A flickering, irregular pilot flame
  • Yellow pilot flame rather than blue
  • Smoke or black stains on the appliance casing
  • A drop in pressure
  • Unusual and persistent noises during operation
  • The hot water supply reduces and becomes intermittent

Any of the above could be signs of trouble brewing, so don’t delay – have your boiler serviced today and regularly every year.

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Boilers are the most hard-working appliances in our homes, keeping up a constant supply of hot water and powering our central heating systems to keep us comfortable and cosy. Just like any piece of machinery boilers are made up of various components which suffer from wear and tear – the main cause of boiler breakdown.

When your boiler starts behaving badly, or stops working altogether, it can more than likely be repaired economically rather than replaced, unless it is very old and prone to malfunctioning.

Our boiler engineers will assess your broken boiler and give you a quotation for repairs. Some of the most common and easily reparable problems we come across with boilers are blockages or corrosion in the pipes, a faulty thermostat, a failed pump, fan, valves or other parts.

When you have a problem with your boiler call us in to diagnose and fix it before matters get worse.

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