Why Have Your Boiler Serviced

Most of us have busy lives that leave us little time to spare to think of the health of our boiler – until it breaks down, always at the most inconvenient time.

Boost Plumbing’s Gas Safe Registered engineers have been caring for boilers in Bath for more than 20 years. We offer regular servicing of boilers in Bath to ensure you don’t suffer an ill-timed boiler breakdown, ending in expensive repairs or even having to replace your boiler.

An annual boiler service in Bath will keep your boiler working more fuel efficiently and maximising its lifespan. A healthy, well-maintained boiler runs cleanly, combusting fuel optimally, keeping your gas bills down to the minimum.

We carry out boiler services across the Bath postcodes of B1 and B2, including the Bath suburbs and nearby villages like Bear Flat, Widcombe, Weston, Batheaston, Bathford, Lansdowne, Claverton, Combedown, Southdown, Twerton and Odd Down.

All About Boiler Services

Our boiler services in Bath are carried out by qualified Gas Safe registered heating engineers. We recommend an annual service, preferably before the onset of winter when your boiler is likely to be in heavy use.

Our Bath boiler services take around 30 to 45 minutes, and we are happy to provide a written report at the end of the boiler service if you require it.

Our boiler services in Bath are extremely thorough. We make a visual check of the components, controls and exterior casing, and conduct a battery of tests that aim to ensure y our boiler is functioning effectively, safely and efficiently.

We check the flue is free of obstructions and properly fitted, and clean and inspect all the main components of the boiler.

If we come across any potential faults or issues, we’ll let you know, and recommend how these can be rectified.

Boiler Maintenance in Bath

Broken boilers are expensive to repair and replace, so investing in a boiler service is cost-effective in the long run. We can help you look after your boiler in Bath in between services too.

We recommend that you keep an eye on your boiler and heating system so that small issues can be noticed and dealt with before they turn into costly and annoying breakdowns.

Here are some things you can do to help maintain your boiler in Bath:

  • Check the pressure, which should be between 1 and 2 bars. If it’s too low or too high give us a call.
  • If your radiators have cold spots use a radiator key to bleed them to release trapped air. If this doesn’t work call us to investigate.
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm to alert you to any toxic gas leaks.
  • Make sure your boiler is installed in a well-ventilated position.
  • If you notice water dripping from the external outlet pipe there could be a problem with the boiler’s valves or seals, so you need to call a Gas Safe Registered engineer.


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