5 Most Common Plumbing Problems

Plumbing should be part of every property’s routine maintenance that should never be taken for granted. A simple leak that seems harmless from the outset could be seriously damaging your walls, which may be ready to collapse by the time you think of calling a professional plumber.

This is why identifying and educating yourself about the most common plumbing problems and the consequences they bring if left unaddressed is essential for every property manager or homeowner.

Check out this list.

Leaky faucet

The dripping faucet in your bathroom could be sending gallons of water and money down the drain every single day. This is such a waste of your resources. Fixing a leaky faucet can be fairly easy for the average person provided that you have the appropriate tools in hand. Frequently, a quick replacement of the washer, gasket or O-ring will do the trick.

Sluggish drain

A slow-draining kitchen sink or bathroom drain could be caused by blockage of food particles, soap scum, or hair that has accumulated in the pipes over time. Usually, a vinegar and baking soda solution can solve this plumbing issue naturally. You can also use chemical removers, although some say this could damage the pipes.

Low water pressure

An annoying plumbing problem, low water pressure is often caused by broken pipes or old pipes that may have corroded.

Dripping pipes

Water coming from the joints of pipes can be expensive to fix especially if the damage is extensive and has spread out to the walls, furniture, and floors. This may require an expert plumber to replace the pipework.

Malfunctioning water heater

No hot water? That could be serious, especially during winter. Because water heaters involve electricity, this is a type of plumbing issue that we recommend you call a professional to repair. It is a dangerous matter, so do not attempt to fix it yourself.

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