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Which heating controls for my new boiler?

Todays building regulations state that all boiler installations must be fitted with at least one room thermostat, any plumber will tell you this is a technology that has been around for 30 years and in our eyes is not suitable when fitting the latest condensing boilers.

The problem with a traditional room thermostat is this. When your house reaches the required temperature (as set on your room thermostat) the thermostat tells your new boiler to turn off. Once your home drops below the set temperature, you guessed it, on it comes again. All in all your boiler is being told to turn on and off and that is all the information it ever gets.

Modern boilers are capable of running at different outputs so simply telling them to come on when it's cold and off when it's warm is not good enough.

The more sophisticated controls like Vaillants weather compensator take into account, the outside temperature, the inside temperature and the rate in which your house looses heat. It then tells the boiler the most efficient output to run at to reach and maintain the desired temperature, better for the environment and saving you money.

What is a powerflush?
Power flushing is in a nut shell, a way to make your central heating system more efficient and last longer. It cleans your boiler and radiators removing iorn oxid. I am sure you have all heard of the term "a sludgy heating system" if not, sludge is what builds up in a poorly maintained heating systems over years, or if the system is installed incorrectly, months. Sludge is basically iron oxide, or to the rest of us rust and can rot right through a radiator or the components within your boiler. If necessary a central heating powerflush will clean this sludge from your central heating and give you the opportunity to start again with a clean system. All our boiler replacements benefit from a full powerflush.

How much will a boiler service cost?
We charge £70 for a annual boiler service. If you recommend Boost Plumbing we will happily carrie out your service free of charge.

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How to top up the pressure on a Vaillant Ecotec Plus

If your Vaillant boiler is displaying a f22 fault code then you need to add more pressure the your heating system. The video below expains how to do this